Hiking for Beginners

Since the weather is great this time of the year - hot enough to stay out late, but not so hot as to make you want to lie under the AC instead of heading out - people flock out to enjoy nature and to explore the country. Hiking is one of the favorite sport of Hungarians. In the weekends, you can see families with small children roaming the hills next to dedicated Nordic Walkers wearing special equipment. It's tempting to head to the nearest store and get a full hiking gear, but before you blow a ridiculous amount of cash on stuff you probably end up carrying around, check out our list of essentials.

The following checklist was put together for a one day late spring/early summer hike for someone with no medical conditions. If you have any medical issues, consult your GP and adjust the list accordingly.

1. Weather-appropriate clothes

    Quick-dry technical shirt
    Quick-dry hiking pants, army pants, shorts, or running shorts
    Long sleeved shirt: this provides the best protection from the sun without overheating you
    Hiking boots/shoes, trail running shoes
    Seamless running/hiking socks

2. Getting around

    Maps of the area
    Headlight or flashlight
    GPS or SATNAV: your phone comes in handy
    Powerbank for your phone

3. First Aid kit

You might ask why the kit is so important if you are only heading out for a couple of hours. The truth is, it's always better to be prepared, and small accidents can be really annoying. What is more, although this list looks long, it actually barely takes up any space at all.

     Compress dressing
     Adhesive bandages
     Cloth tape
     Antiseptic wipes
     Cold compress
     Nonlatex gloves
     Antibiotic ointment
     Roller bandages
     Sterile gauze pads
     Space blanket

4. Tools

    Knife or Swiss Army Knife
    Matches and lighter in a waterproof bag
    Kindling of your choice in a waterproof bag
    Duct tape (you never know)

5. Food and fluids

This is entirely up to you, but chocolate, trail mix, protein bars, and nutbars are always good to have on you.

     Water bottle
     Purifier tablets if there is no drinking water in the area
     Isotonic tablets if it's going to get rough/really hot

6. Protection

Unless you think it a distinct possibility that you'll spend the night under the stars, you don't need to carry a tent or a tarp

    Suntan lotion
    Wet wipes

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