10 things you didn't know about McDaniel College


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#1 McDaniel grants an American degree

#2 You can spend the last 2 years of your degree in Maryland

#3 All credits earned in Budapest are accepted, and thus can be transferred to any college in the States

#4 McDaniel College is focused on its students: you usually have classes of 8 people

#5 Students at McDaniel College don't have to apply for a specific program like most students do in Hungary. Instead, they can complete whichever courses interest them, and decide what to major in later.

#6 You can do dual degrees at McDaniel: can't decide whether you'd like to do Art or Communication? Why not do both!


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Amir Pirasteh (@mr_verdant) által megosztott bejegyzés,

#7 The College not only welcomes students from over 40 countries but also works as an international study center, so there's always something interesting going on. Since the students come from very different backgrounds and cultures, discussions are never boring!

#8 The College bears the name of William Roberts McDaniel, who, among other noteworthy achievements, invented a sport called Club swinging

#9 The campus in Budapest is the staellite campus of McDaniel College, Maryland. This college is special in many ways, but they are very proud of the fact that they were one of the first colleges to offer entrance to all students without regard to race, religion, color, gender, or national or ethnic origin. McDaniel is the first coeducational college south of the Mason-Dixon Line, and one of the first coeducational colleges of the United States.

#10 The motto of the College is 'E Tenebris in Lucem Voco', 'I call you out of darkness into light'.

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