About us

We are a young and innovative team of individuals, representing various sectors which are providing student services in Budapest, Hungary. We have been gaining experience since 2006, by helping students with accommodation, university registration, immigration, and general guidance from the moment they arrive in Hungary until they get their degree. During the last 10 years, we have been working hard to simplify the procedure for us and our clients, making sure that we are always available, and have all the contacts a student might need.

Why Us?

Because Hungary’s higher educational system is among the best in the world and has vast potential for international students. We understand that the demands from young adults before and during their studies are high, and we know that the procedure can be stressful and costly. We have been students here ourselves! Our team is willing and ready to provide personalized help and information, including going through the application process together with the student; for free!

Since the beginnings, we adapted many times to include everything a student might need in our selection of services and partners, and we are always willing to add more and adjust so that we can provide you with the best service possible.

Our services include

Hiring a studentguide

School application guidance

Finding accommodation

Residence permit/Immigration


Driving license