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Main information:

Most of the apartments in Budapest and Hungary are available for a minimum 12-month contract. However, depending on the month you wish you start your contract, you might have a little flexibility to rent the flat for a shorter period. Renting a flat for a period shorter than 6 months is not easy at all, and in many cases you will have to pay more than the apartment is actually worth.

The apartments in Budapest fall into 3 main categories:

  • Classic Building and Classic apartment
  • Classic Building and Renovated apartment
  • Modern building and Modern apartment

The prices obviously depend on the location and the category of the apartment, so there can be quite a big difference in the quality and the price of the apartments. To give you a brief example:

  • Studio flats start from 300 Eur/month and can go up to  500 Eur/month + Common costs & utilities
  • One-bedroom flats start from 500 Eur/month and can go up to 700 Eur/month + Common costs & utilities
  • Two-bedrooms flats start from 700 Eur/month and can go up to 1000 Eur/month + Common costs & utilities

* Common costs: The costs managed by the building condominium, depending on the services provided in the building. It is calculated per square meter.  The common costs contain: cleaning the building corridors and the courtyard, energy used by the building, garbage cost, and sometimes heating or water costs of the apartments.

* Utility costs: Basically any other costs which are not included in the common costs. In classic buildings, the utilities consist of gas, water (hot and cold), and electricity. Modern buildings do not have gas cost as electricity is used to heat.

There are a number of other costs that you have to take into account when you are renting an apartment:

  • The amount of the rent times 2 is usually the security deposit that needs to be paid. However, in some cases, the owners might ask for a 3-month deposit, if the flat is furnished with high-quality furniture, or if the tenant is moving in with a pet. At the end of the contract, the deposit is refunded to the tenant if all the obligations outlined in the contract are kept.
  • The apartment might be rented directly from the owner, or in the other cases, from the representative of the owner, or the managing company. In these cases, an attorney is involved providing the actual permission that he/she or the company can sign the contract on behalf of the owner

Visiting an apartment for viewing:

When you visit an apartment and you decide to rent it, the owner or the agent may ask for some sort of a payment (reservation fee) to keep the apartment for you. In this case, you need to receive a receipt from the owner or the agent with the date of signing the contract included.