Hiring a student guide

Living in another country is an adventure which needs to be planned perfectly so that you won't waste time and money. Hiring a student guide will give you the confidence to make sure you get the right information and you will always have us by your side!

Our student guides are experienced university veterans from different countries, who have lived the student life themselves, and who are ready to pass their experiences to you from the minute you arrive in Budapest.

Having a student guide is also recommended so you have all the support you might need in case of unexpected events which might happen during your stay in Hungary.

Here are some of the frequent services that a student guide will take care of

  • Providing useful information before arrival
  • Reserving a hotel or an apartment for short term with ideal budget and location
  • Meeting you at the airport and escorting you to the accommodation
  • Giving you your new student sim-card at the airport
  • Arranging long-term apartments through trusted sources
  • Escorting you to school and helping with the registration
  • Teaching you some basic Hungarian words and phrases that might be useful
  • Helping you with address registration and the immigration process 
  • Guiding you in unexpected or emergency situations
  • Forwarding information during your stay in Hungary when needed

To hire a student guide please fill out the form below and we will contact you faster than you'd expect!