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About the Dentistry Program

Dentistry, the One-Tier Program, is one of the branches in medicine that covers treatment, disorders, prevention, study, diseases, and conditions of the oral cavity. This program is a 5 years/10 semesters long program. It has been thoroughly structured and designed to ensure the high standard of knowledge, skills, and responsibility of dental surgeons.

During the first 3 years, the focus is mainly on the foundation of theoretical knowledge.

In the first and second years, a total acquisition of the basic medical sciences is gained. The students study core subjects such as anatomy, biochemistry, medical biology, physics, physiology, etc. During the third year, which is a pre-clinical year, students learn the correct way of treating patients also within a practical framework.

In the course of the last 2 years, students complete their clinical practice and study, while they learn and practice to appraise and treat patients of various departments. Also, students can participate in facultative programs and clinical conferences.

The degree attained at the end of the five-year program enables the students to practice dentistry and treat patients immediately. The diploma issued by the Medical School is accepted by all European Union countries and several other countries (Norway, USA, Canada, etc.)

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