Faculty of Architecture

Duration of studies (BSC): 4 years (8 semesters)

The Faculty of Architecture at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics focuses on training highly professional experts in architectural engineering who are aware of the social and cultural implications of their profession. Versatility is emphasized so that students will gain fundamental knowledge and abilities in every possible field of architecture and be able to find work in a highly competitive job market, and in any building- or design-related area of consulting, construction, and management. The 5-year program in English leads directly to an MSc degree in Architecture and Architectural Engineering (Dipl. Ing. Arch.), but it is also possible to graduate as a Bachelor of Science in Architecture. BSc degree can be obtained in a minimum of four years, MSc degree in a minimum of five years of study.

Graduates of the Faculty of Architecture are qualified for a broad spectrum of architectural occupations:

  • Design, construction and maintenance of residential, public, industrial and agricultural buildings;
  • Reconstruction and the preservation of historical monuments;
  • Urban design and settlement planning; and
  • Administration of all these activities.

The curricula were organized on Swiss and German models. The Faculty has maintained these traditions for the last 40 years, but provides additional European and international dimensions through guest lecturers from abroad, topical short courses, workshop seminars and exchange programs. The five year program of the Faculty of Architecture taught in English is in full conformity with the five-year program provided in Hungarian, which after two years practice and experience is accepted for access to EUR-ING title.

Duration studies (MSC): 5 years (10 semesters)

Students who have earned BSc degrees in other schools of architecture can join the Master’s Program. Programs will be tailored to their previous education and special needs. In general they are admitted to the last two years of the five years program, and they have to collect minimum 120 credits. These studies encompass a wide range of complex design topics and elective subjects grouped in three directions:

  • Structural Design – buildings and other structures.
  • Architectural Design – buildings with different functions, their interiors and surroundings; the preservation of historical buildings.
  • Town Planning – urban design, settlement planning and management.

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