Chemical Technology and Biotechnology

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10 years
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4 years
in Master
3200-6727 EUR
Tuition Fee in Bachelor
6400 EUR
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3 universities
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1 university
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About the Chemical Technology and Biotechnology Program

The education of chemical engineers and chemists has a long-standing tradition in Hungary. Hungary’s earliest chemistry department was established in 1763.

Education of chemical engineers, separate from that of mechanical and civil engineers, reaches back to the 1863/64 academic year. Chemical engineering studies were extended in the 1960s to the MSc level and other specialized studies were introduced. A Ph.D. program has also been established. Studies in English at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering began in 1985/86 academic year.

Students in the BSc program receive a thorough introduction to areas basic to chemical engineering before they begin their specializations in the fifth semester. Courses of the following specializations are available to students depending on the number of applicants (at least 3 applicants) both at the BSc (7 semesters) and MSc (4 semesters) levels:


  • Analytical and Structural Chemistry
  • Chemical and Process Engineering
  • Industrial Pharmaceutics
  • Polymer Technology
  • Textile Technology

The Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology aims for its students to acquire profound theoretical knowledge in mathematics, physics and physical chemistry. It also aims to have its students experience, during their studies, all the types of tasks that chemical engineers encounter in their practical everyday work. Students will acquire up-to-date laboratory skills, get acquainted with the machines and apparatus used in the chemical industry, know the principles needed for their optimal operation, and develop expertise in a more specific technology within the chemical, food and light industries.

Graduates of this Faculty will be versed in:

  • The operations and personnel involved in chemical processes on an industrial scale
  • The development of the technology and products of industrial chemical processes,
  • The design of industrial chemical processes,
  • How a chemical product or application is introduced into the national economy, and
  • The elaboration of new chemical processes, operations, and technologies.

In a limited number, a three-year Ph.D. program is also available. An acceptance letter signed by a senior researcher or professor of the Faculty is an essential prerequisite of the application for a Ph.D. position.

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