Faculty of Civil Engineering

Duration of BSC studies: 4 years (8 semesters)

Duration of MSC studies: additional 2 years (4 semesters)

The Faculty of Civil Engineering is the oldest Faculty of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and can trace its history back to the University’s predecessor, the Institutum Geometricum, founded by Emperor Joseph II in 1782. In the past 227 years, thousands of engineers have graduated from this Faculty to work worldwide as educators, international researchers and engineering project managers. The most essential service of the faculty – education linked closely to research and engineering work – is reflected in the scientific activities of nearly 170 engineers in 10 departments. They have contributed significantly to the scientific solution of diverse engineering problems. Out of the approximately 2300 students, who study at this Faculty, about 90 students from abroad participate in the English language program. The engineering program in English lead to a B.Sc. degree in four years, in the Branch of Structural Engineering. The branch offers specific educational objectives: Graduates from the Branch of Structural Engineering create engineering structures by utilizing and designing structural materials. They are expected to design, construct and organize the investments of mechanically, structurally and technologically complex structures in cooperation with architects and transport and hydraulics specialists. Future structural engineers who graduate from this branch will be able to design and construct, among other things, flyovers and underground passages for traffic networks; power stations, cooling towers, craneways, transmission line structures and TV towers; halls, storehouses, industrial plants, and multi-storey buildings as well as hydraulic engineering and water supply structures.

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