Civil Engineering

Key Info

8 years
in Bachelor
4 years
in Master
5738-6400 EUR
Tuition Fee in Bachelor
6400 EUR
Tuition Fee in Master
3 universities
provide Bachelor
1 university
provides Master

About the Civil Engineering Program

Civil Engineering Program brings the concept and practical action on constructing anything you see whenever you walk through the streets. Civil engineers help create connections between the people, lands, and the world. It’s about roads and railways, schools, offices, hospitals, water and power supply and much more. The kinds of things we take for granted but would find life very hard to live without

This Bachelor’s program’s duration is four years, and 1-2 years in master's. Civil engineers cover a huge range of jobs and all types of engineering. Civil engineers come from all different backgrounds but they all spend years training, learning, and getting qualifications. 

Future engineers who graduate from this program will be able to design and construct, among other things, flyovers and underground passages for traffic networks; power stations, cooling towers, crane ways, transmission line structures and TV towers; halls, storehouses, industrial plants, and multi-story buildings as well as hydraulic engineering and water supply structures.

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