Electrical Engineering and Informatics

Key Info

7 years
in Bachelor
4 years
in Master
3200-6727 EUR
Tuition Fee in Bachelor
6400 EUR
Tuition Fee in Master
4 universities
provide Bachelor
1 university
provides Master

About the Electrical Engineering and Informatics Program

The Electrical Engineering is one of the most prominent engineering programs that focus in designing, developing, testing and supervising all the manufacture of electrical equipment like the navigation system, communications system, and many more!

Several strategies have been designed to help students develop high-level skills in mathematics, physics, and computation. Besides theoretical knowledge, they need to carry out design and development activities in the field of communication, instrumentation, and power industries to further perfect their practical skills. The curriculum also includes solving tasks in the fields of production and operation.

Scientific groups are formed to encourage the students to do independent but supervised laboratory work. Project laboratory is one of the core parts of the studies which are dedicated to independent problem solving with the armory of modern work stations and software packages. The expertise of handling these tools is inevitable in pursuing an engineering career. 

In order to strengthen the transfer of knowledge and know-how between the university and industry, the faculty maintains close contact with well-known multinational companies in the field of communication and the computer industry. As a result, many industry experts offer their experience and knowledge as part-time lecturers, project supervisors, members of examination committees.

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