Film and Media Studies

About the Film and Media Studies Program

Duration of studies: 3 years (6 semesters)

Unlike other programs, the three-year Film and Media Studies BA Program at MET, offers an introduction to this art form in the full range of the profession, including experiences in its various challenges, from one-camera interview shootings to multi-camera studio recordings.

The program offers practical experience in making short films, television scenes and documentaries, as well as practice in the work of a screenwriter, director, assistant, lighting technician, sound engineer, and editor. These various practical opportunities help our students in their future careers as professional, confident filmmakers, and takes place where movies such as Die Hard, and 47 Ronin were shot - at the Origo Film Studio.

This program is designed for students who are interested in visual communication and various film genres, and have mature visual intelligence and good cooperating and communication skills.

Core subjects: Basics of Editing, Creative Visual Studies, Film Market, History of Art, History of Motion Pictures, Image and Sound Postproduction, Motion Picture Technologies, Practical Motion Picture Arts, Psychology of Art, Social History

Career opportunities:

  • Film and Media Production Specialist at institutes specialized in mass communication and media Organizer in program production
  • Film and Media Specialist working for professional with a degree in arts
  • Film and Media Specialist working for Advertising and PR experts
  • in the field of analogue and digital post production
  • in editorial offices

Where you can attend this program:

Where You Can Attend This Program

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