General Medicine

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About the General Medicine Program

General Medicine Program is the 6 years/12 semesters long program, by accomplishing this program, you could achieve a General Physician degree, and with that, they can start their specialization in different fields.This Medical Program prepares you how to blend into the department of General Medicine which deals with non-surgical treatments of various diseases, diagnoses, and prevention. This department serves as the first stop of the patients when they visit the hospital, it starts with a general physician taking all the measurements and tests from the patients and ends with visiting the doctor who provides the necessary medicines according to the final diagnosis.

During the first two years, the education focuses on theoretical aspects of medicine that lay the foundation of the subsequent medical subjects. The theoretical knowledge is applied in clinics during the 3rd year with internal medicine and surgery along with other theoretical subjects. From this year students also take part in the work of the clinical departments and the teaching hospitals. The remaining clinical subjects are introduced in the 4th and 5th years. In the last year – the clerkship year – students perform clinical rotations of 37 weeks.

This program is taught completely in English. However, you are still required to learn some basic Hungarian in order to be able to communicate with patients from the third year on.At the conclusion of the program (State Board Examination), the title Doctor of Medicine is granted for those who have met all the requirements of the training. This program provides complete theoretical and practical training in medicine. The graduated Doctors from Hungarian Medical Universities are entitled to apply for hospital residency places worldwide. Citizens of the EU and EEC will receive their license automatically within the Community. Furthermore, all graduates of the Medical Program are entitled to participate in the US Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE).

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