Graphic Design

About the Graphic Design Program

Duration of studies: 3 years (6 semesters)

In the age of desktop publishing (DTP), graphic design became the most innovative branch of design, with a strong presence of its’ intellectual products in everyday life, both in online and offline media, in the graphic and typographic solutions from street posters to various media platforms.

We place our foundations on the development of individual capacities; we help our students find their own voice and style. We guide them through the workflow of plans and completed graphics, providing them with a comprehensive picture in the process of completing an idea. We encourage students to become committed to innovative, aesthetic and smart graphic design and typography. In addition to handing down professional skills and knowledge, the program also aims at merging intuition and consciousness in the course of the planning process and relies on students’ sensitivity and cooperating skills in individual and group projects in the studio.

This program is designed for you if you are interested in the various fields of graphics, are creative, have a good visual sense, enjoy working in teams and are capable of teamwork, are success-oriented, have sufficient manual skills and drawing skills, and are familiar with the basic computer graphics software.

Core subjects: Creative Visual Studies, Classical Studies, Graphic Design, Typographic Culture/Typographic Studies, Paper and Packaging Technologies, Printing Technologies, History of Graphic Design, Theory and Methodology of Graphic Design, Production Design, Packaging Design, Calligraphy, Comics, Media and Advertising Psychology, Photography for Graphic Design, Web and 3D Graphics; History of Art

Career opportunities:

  • Freelance Artist as Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Graphic Artist
  • Art Director, Graphic Designer in graphic studios, creative agencies
  • Illustrator in online and print media, newspapers, publishing companies
  • Image Editor, Typesetting Editor, Web Designer

Where you can attend this program:

Where You Can Attend This Program

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