International Relations

About the International Relations Program

Duration of studies: 3 years (6 semesters)

This program familiarizes students with the workings of the global architecture of decentralized governance that runs the world today. It gives our graduates a clear advantage in our complex and fast-paced world by arming them with the knowledge and the skills necessary to understand and make use of the inner logic of global relations, to anticipate the direction in which they develop, and to draw on the opportunities these changes bring.

This program empowers students to navigate with success and ease in a globalized world linked together and shaped not only by diplomatic relations between states, but also by manifold transnational fields, forces and actors.

This program is designed for students who:

  • would like to be at home in global political and social relations
  • would like to harness global forces and opportunities in pursuit of their goals
  • are interested in the world of diplomacy, international organizations and transnational corporations
  • want to be able to use foreign languages professionally
  • want to acquire a sound understanding of how the world economy works, and of the opportunities it provides, but are not interested in the complex mathematics of statistics and econometrics


Diplomacy and international communication

The specialization trains effective professionals in international politics who do not only possess the thorough knowledge and good theoretical grasp needed to understand complex challenges and to work out plans to address them, but also know how to communicate their ideas in a multicultural environment in order to be able to put their ideas into practice. The specialization offers courses in diplomacy, security policy, international organizations, foreign policy decision-making, political communication and public relations. The specialization is especially recommended for those seeking a career in politics, in public administration, as diplomats, or as foreign policy experts. Specializations are launched only if the minimum of 15 students wish to join the specialization.

Why is our program unique?

The program is set up with the goal of providing students with the theoretical approaches, factual knowledge and practical skills they need in order to become effective real-world problem-solvers in an environment where both the challenges we face and the frameworks to address them are increasingly global and multicultural in nature. Our graduates have a deep and comprehensive understanding of social, political and economic analysis that enables them to understand the quickly changing nature of global policy challenges and political relations. Furthermore, the program also equips them with the communication and management skills that make them successful even while working in highly complex and demanding environments.

Career opportunities:

  • officers and diplomats in the state sector
  • actors in the business sector servicing the needs of actors in global governance
  • analysts in think tanks and policy advisors
  • public administration employees
  • NGO and international NGO sector employees
  • officers in international organizations
  • members of transnational advocacy groups
  • employees of transnational private regulators
  • further studies (MA, MBA) in English in the fields of international relations and business

Core subjects:

Applied Statistics, Informatics, Research Methodology for International Relations, Basics of Law, Cultural anthropology, Introduction to Political Theory, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Political Geography, Principles of Marketing, Social Studies, World History, Contrastive Cultures, EU Policies, Globalization and World Economic Regions, History of Diplomacy, International Economics, International Law, International Negotiation Techniques, International Protocol and Etiquette, International Relations and Political Organizations, Introduction to EU integration

Where you can attend this program:

Where You Can Attend This Program

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