Key Info

8 years
in Bachelor
3 years
in Master
5000-5900 EUR
Tuition Fee in Bachelor
6400 EUR
Tuition Fee in Master
2 universities
provide Bachelor
1 university
provides Master

About the Nursing Program

Nursing Program is designed to prepare individuals with advanced professional knowledge who will be able to assume responsibility for patient nursing and maximize their talents in health care and rehabilitation.

Nurses will be able to: investigate the particular requirements of the patient and the person being cared for, establish nursing diagnoses, and conduct professional activities based on priorities by the conclusion of their studies.

They will also be able to collaborate in the planning, development, and implementation of health care and social services, as well as select and apply nursing models and locate and use the information and resources required to conduct the nursing process.

Basic health care, anesthesiology, internal medicine, pediatrics, geriatrics, intensive therapy, neurology, psychiatry, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, and nursing of all of these, as well as community nursing and chronic illness nursing, are all major disciplines in the nursing specialty.

Recommend for those who feel compelled and motivated to assist others to maintain their health by providing required treatment and rehabilitation. Nursing is both an art and a science that necessitates specialized knowledge and the application of discipline-specific abilities. A nurse is a self-contained individual who is accountable for the care he or she provides.

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