Duration of studies: 4 years (8 semesters)

The curriculum of the BSc in Physiotherapy Program aims to train nursing and health care experts who are able to take part with their full responsibility in prevention, treatment, nursing and rehabilitation of movement system disorders and other diseases using the therapeutic tools of physiotherapy at all levels of health and social care. Their knowledge is based on studies of individual, family, community and public health protection and rehabilitation as well as on health and social services.

Major subjects in Physiotherapy specialty: basics of physiotherapy, manual techniques, physiotherapy of cardio-respiratory diseases, locomotor diseases, neurological-psychiatric physiotherapy, infant-pediatric and obstetrical-gynecological physiotherapy, rehabilitation, electro-diagnostics, radiology and imaging procedures.

Possible career opportunities: Hospitals, Clinics, Outpatient Clinics, Rehabilitation Centers, Adult Care Institutions, Primary Care, Home-Based Care, Schools, Hospice Care, Workplace Health Centers, Medical Tourism (Wellness Hotels, Thermal Baths, Spas), NGO Regional Community Wellness Programs, Sports Centers, Professional Sport Teams.

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