Studio Art

About the Studio Art Program

Duration of studies: 4 years (8 semesters)

The Studio Art / Art History major provides students with the opportunity to develop their artistic and creative abilities while gaining a global perspective on the arts.

A critical approach to art in its social, historical, and cultural context complements students’ own creative work and process. Students learn to describe, analyze, and interpret the form and content of works of art, while examining the significant movements of Western art as well as the secular and sacred art of Asia, Africa, and the Americas. At the same time, students acquire an array of techniques for their own artistic self-expression, ranging from two and three-dimensional design, to computer graphics and web design, photography, painting, and sculpture. Classes are small and involve close work with our professors, and students benefit from a wealth of opportunities to view historic and contemporary art in a Budapest, a major European art center.

Skills you get:

  • artistic and creative abilities
  • graphic and we design
  • analyzing works of art
  • photographing

Career and further study opportunities:

Students completing the Studio Art and Art History major are equipped to continue their studies in well-known Masters of Fine Arts Programs, as well as Ph.D. programs in art history. They have entered the workplace as graphic and web designers, photographers and event organizers, able to bridge different visual cultures in the service of businesses, museums, schools, and marketing firms.

Core subjects:

Perceptual Drawing; Design; Digital Photography; Graphic Design I-II; Internship in Studio Art; Independent Studies in Studio Art; Web Design; Watercolor; Painting; Portfolio Preparation

Where you can attend this program:

Where You Can Attend This Program

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