Budapest Metropolitan University

Budapest Metropolitan University is one of the most dynamic private education institutions in Hungary since its start in 2001. It has 4 campuses in two cities with a massive student community of 8,000 young people.

Budapest Metropolitan University offers complex educational programs starting with various preparatory options and then bachelor and master degree programs in the field of communication, business, tourism and arts. Its degree programs accredited in the European Union and recognised worldwide.

The university has exchange programs at more than a 100 partner universities with more than 380 exchange opportunities and it presents more than 400 internship opportunities at noted companies with the possibility to join professional community already while at university. It offers academic scholarships and creative or start-up grants for their students.

At Metropolitan you can attend professional workshops, study groups, international conferences, ongoing researches and projects at our departments and research institutions. During workshops and study groups you have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience, improve your skills and enjoy team-work.

The university is working with reputed experts. In addition to renowned academics, top business professionals are recruited to our lecturing team bottom.

If you choose to study at Metropolitan University, you will find an incredible vibrant student life here! Ski camps, excursions, trips, pub tours, parties organized by the Student Union, photo club and many other great programmes.

The main building is located in the green belt in the heart of Budapest. It provides a quiet and peaceful environment for both study and recreation purposes. It has modern buildings, pleasant atmosphere, up-to-the-minute technologies with more than 400 computer stations, a language laboratory, a sound studio, a radio and television studio, smart boards, a multimedia library and free WiFi access on the whole area of the campus.

BA programs:



Social Sciences



Master programs

  • Management and Leadership
  • Communication and Media Studies
  • Tourism Management
  • Graphic Design