Business Administration and Management

Duration of studies: 3.5 years (7 semesters), BA

The goal of this program is to train and prepare students to become professional leaders in many sector of organized economic activity by giving them thorough foundation in this field. And to supply them with conceptual and interpersonal skills by effective management and communication training. During the course their entrepreneurial capabilities will be encouraged and developed. They will be taught how to compete to succeed in the professional environment, how to develop winning strategies necessary to meet the demand for highly trained professionals working at the top level of business management of industrial organizations. Our courses also prepare our students to meet any business challenge imaginable and how to realize business goals. The program combines the theoretical basis with useful practice. The last semester is spent in internship at a multinational or a local company, or at a non-profit organization.

This course is made for you if you are creative, have good problem-solving and communication skills, interested in organizing and complex processes, can see beyond, and aiming for professionalism.

After getting your diploma you can work as company manager, marketing and PR manager, logistics expert, expert of EU economic relations, etc.

Name of the Institution

Budapest Metropolitan University






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