McDaniel College Budapest

McDaniel College, A Wonderful College Providing American Degree in Hungary

The Budapest Campus of McDaniel College was established in 1994. It is located in a beautifully restored, turn-of-the-century school building. It is situated in the VII district of Budapest, the campus is easily accessible by public transportation, so commuting is easy no matter where a student lives in the city.

Since its founding, more than 200 students who began their studies in Budapest have graduated from McDaniel College. Four years of study at McDaniel College Budapest confers, upon its successful completion, an American Bachelor’s Degree

This degree, coupled with the rich experience that comes with study at an American institution of higher education in a dynamic multicultural environment, opens the door to work and further study not only in the United States but in any institution worldwide in which initiative, openness, ambition, and creativity are sought. 

The McDaniel diploma is recognized in America and throughout the world. Alumni of the McDaniel Budapest campus can be found working in businesses, governments, and not-for-profit organizations in countless countries.

This College offers a number of dynamic major programs, from art history, business, and communication, to political science and psychology—a variety of majors for a variety of students. And McDaniel College is flexible: you can enter our program as undecided, sample a number of different courses, and then choose your major based on what you prefer.

What do we provide:

  • All the courses are taught in English
  • Small class sizes and individual attention from expert faculty from all over the world
  • Peer mentors will help ease your transition as you adapt socially, culturally, and academically to Budapest
  • Each semester, you will join your professors on learning adventures directly linked to what you study in class